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How to Apply

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For Interested Individuals

Nonprofit board service is a rewarding experience. By serving on the board of a nonprofit organization, you will:

  • Connect with others who share your passion
  • Contribute your skills, expertise, and access to resources to strengthen nonprofit organizations in New York City
  • Support and strengthen the community in which you live or work
  • Rally support and invite others to join you in advocating on behalf of the nonprofit’s mission
  • Develop new skills and hone your leadership abilities
  • Expand your social and professional networks

Who's eligible:

Nonprofit organizations that participate in BoardServeNYC represent a wide range of missions – health and social services, art, culture and the environment, among others. They are actively seeking to broaden, strengthen, and diversify their existing boards, and are looking for individuals with the following characteristics:

  • Live and/or work in one of the five boroughs of New York City
  • Diversity in life experience, age, ethnicity, and profession, including expertise in any of the following fields: accounting, finance, governance, human resources, law, information technology, management/operations, marketing, public relations, fundraising, strategic planning, engineering, and others. A minimum of 8 years of work experience in the area of expertise and a post-secondary education is often preferred.
  • Interest in, and enthusiasm for, board service and volunteerism
  • Ability to commit at least 5 hours a month
  • Willingness to undertake a brief, but thorough 6-hour training session on the duties and responsibilities of board members, including fundraising and financial oversight

Here’s how to get started:

  • Apply: Submit the BoardServeNYC online application (including uploading your most current resume).
  • Attend Training: Once your application is accepted, you will be notified via email of upcoming dates for the BoardServeNYC “Nonprofit Board Service Training.” The 6-hour sessions are generally held on Saturdays and provide an in-depth overview of the NYC nonprofit sector, roles, responsibilities, duties and liabilities of nonprofit boards, as well as how to evaluate board service opportunities that you may be offered. Training is required before an individual can be matched to nonprofit organizations seeking to strengthen their boards. Prior to the training, you will be required to pay a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $100.
  • Create a Profile and Start Matching: After candidates complete training, they will be invited to create an online profile which will facilitate matching. The matches are based on mutual compatibility between individuals and organizations based on criteria, such as mission, client population served, skills, time requirements, and geographic location. Once you complete your online profile, the matching process can begin.

BoardServeNYC is eager to help you find the right match for your interests and skills. We welcome your participation in BoardServeNYC and wish you success in becoming a board member of a nonprofit organization of your choice.


Due to the special role that board members play as directors or trustees of a nonprofit organization, and the fact that board membership requires formal nomination and generally entails a tenure of several years, BoardServeNYC requires engaged nonprofits and dedicated volunteers who are willing to commit to a process that demands active participation throughout all stages – from initial interest and application, to training, mutual contact, conversations and cultivation, through the decision to nominate a new member onto the board. This time horizon typically measures five to eight months, from the completion of volunteer training to actual placement onto a board.

BoardServeNYC does not verify background information provided by prospective board candidates and participating nonprofit organizations. All participants are encouraged and expected to engage in their own due diligence throughout the matching process.


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